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We understand that your investment in solar energy is more than just a project; it is a commitment to a sustainable future and cleaner energy for all. That is why we have designed ELTEX CARE PLAN, an annual maintenance service specifically designed to protect and maximize the performance of your solar panel installation.

Our services

Periodic inspection

Periodic inspection of the entire photovoltaic installation to detect possible anomalies and failures.

Cleaning (for customers)

Cleaning of photovoltaic modules and auxiliary equipment.

Performance optimization

Optimization of system performance through firmware updates.


Review and readjustment of all electrical and structural connection points of the installation.

How does it work?


We will contact you to make an appointment for your annual check-up.

Technical visit

You will receive a visit from our installers, who will be in charge of inspecting and solving possible problems, cleaning and optimizing your photovoltaic plant.


Your photovoltaic plant is again 100% optimized


Discover the advantages of choosing this plan for your photovoltaic installation


With years of experience in the field of solar energy, our technicians are highly trained to keep your installation in optimal conditions.

Comprehensive maintenance

Our plan covers all aspects of maintenance of your solar panels, from cleaning to inspection of key components.

Optimum performance

With regular maintenance, we ensure that your solar system operates efficiently, maximizing your investment in clean energy.

Peace of mind

Leave worries aside. With our maintenance plan, you can be sure that your solar system is in good hands.

Without proper maintenance of your photovoltaic installation, your solar panels will deteriorate and lose performance.


We will contact you within 12 months to schedule a visit. If the ELTEX CARE PLAN is contracted some time after the photovoltaic installation has already been completed, we will propose an earlier visit.

We recommend that the homeowner be present during the visit. Since the ELTEX consultant will review the last year's consumption, recommendations and suggestions can be made to optimize energy efficiency.

We have different methods according to specific situations. In some cases we clean the panels with a drone, in other cases for legal reasons for example we have to do it manually.