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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The sun’s rays on the photovoltaic cells that make up a solar panel produce an exchange of electrons between the different layers of the photovoltaic cells. This movement is what generates direct current, which must be converted into alternating current to be used in homes. To learn more about this topic, please read the following article: How do solar panels work once they are installed?

In case you do not have a solar battery, the unconsumed energy is sent to the conventional power grid. Therefore, each month you receive a discount on your electricity bill depending on the amount and the price agreed with the supplier.

The answer is yes. Today’s solar panels do not need direct radiation to produce energy; they work perfectly well with diffuse radiation, i.e. when there are clouds or bad weather.

The useful life of the solar panels we work with is more than 30 years. Eltex offers a 35-year triple warranty on its solar panels.

Yes, our experts evaluate your consumption to know the size of the installation you need to supply an electric car charger. If you want to ask for advice click here.


Solar batteries are a storage system based on Lithium that allows you to store the energy not consumed by your home, allowing you to use it, for example, at night, when the solar panels do not produce. Find out more in this article on Everything you need to know about solar batteries.

The amount will vary according to your consumption habits. The objective of solar batteries is to avoid direct consumption from the grid, so our experts will advise you through a free personalized study to maximize your savings.

At Eltex we exclusively use the SAJ brand of inverters, which allows very versatile retrofitting of batteries. Retrofit technology is offered for the R5 model and a wider range of options for the H1 and H2 models.

No, we exclusively carry out self-consumption installations connected to the grid. A total disconnection from the grid would require an isolated installation, which is much more expensive.

Eltex offers a system with a switch that allows hours of autonomy in the event of a power outage, being able to supply certain equipment in the home (refrigerator, freezer, television) with electricity supplied by the battery.


Once the solar panels are installed, the maximum savings you can achieve is 80% – 85% on your current electricity bill, being able to minimize the energy expenditure of your home to 0 €. Calculate your savings in just one click.

Our team of consultants will personally evaluate your case to explain in detail the installation you need. With the tracking and monitoring tool we offer, eSAJ, it will be possible to know the energy profitability of your installation.

Yes, financial support is available for solar energy. There are municipalities all over Catalonia that offer IBI rebates for the installation of solar panels, the maximum amount being 50% for 10 years.

In addition, RD477/2021 established subsidies from European funds to encourage the installation of renewable energies. These subsidies may amount to 30% of the final price of the installation and 50% of the cost of the batteries.

Get all the information you need on our page Grants and subsides.

Yes, we offer total or partial financing of the entire installation.

We currently have a line of credit with BBVA.

It means that the investment made for the photovoltaic installation in your home will not involve a high initial financial outlay, but the monthly installments to be paid may even be lower than the savings you will have in your home.


From Eltex we offer the complete service, so that only with an electricity bill, a receipt of the IBI and the DNI is enough for us to take care of all the formalities with the public bodies. In the article 5 permits required to install solar panels at home, you will find more information about the procedures.

Currently, there is no tax on energy self-consumption. The famous “sun tax” was eliminated a few years ago.

The Eltex Engineering and Administration Department will take care of all the paperwork for you. You don’t need to deal with public agencies, we take care of everything.

Surplus compensation is the remuneration mechanism offered by marketers for surplus energy from self-consumption. This remuneration can range from 5 cents/kWh to 18 cents/kWh. From Eltex we take care of preparing all the documentation to make the change to the solar tariff and we advise you with the best tariff for your family. In addition, we collaborate with different trading companies.


In case of living in a building, the acceptance of 3/5 of the neighbors in a neighborhood meeting is required to allow the installation of solar panels on the portion of the roof that corresponds to you. In case of shared self-consumption, the acceptance of 3/5 parts is also required, but the surface used for the installation will be larger.

At Eltex we offer our customers the possibility of extending the installation at a reduced cost. In addition, the change of inverter size is free of charge.

For the installation of solar panels, we ask the customer to be available from 1 to 3 days. However, the installation is done in 1 day. In case of a very large installation, it would take up to 2 days.

No, the panels of our plates have a sliding film on their tempered glass that allows them to be self-washed in the rain. Therefore, no maintenance is required.

The two aspects of your roof you need to consider are pitch and orientation. Ideal roofs have a south orientation and a slope of 15º to 25º. However, this does not imply that other roofs are not useful. Therefore, our experts will advise you on the potential of your roof. You can also discover the savings for your home at this link.

Yes. Eltex offers remote monitoring of the installation with the ESolar application, which allows precise tracking of consumption, production, surpluses and self-consumed energy.

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